Mobile Solar Featured in Custom Home Magazine

Mobile Solar Featured in Custom Home Magazine

Semmes & Co. Builders typically works on remote jobsites where the local utilities haven’t run electrical lines, so most of the power for corded tools during construction comes from a site generator. But working with gas generators on sites an hour or more from civilization proved to be problematic, says custom builder Turko Semmes. Project managers noticed drawbacks to gas generators, such as sound levels and maintenance. And at least once every week or two no one in the crew would remember to bring the gas for the generator.

Because Semmes installs photovoltaic systems in many of the homes he builds, his company has plenty of experience with that technology. So it wasn’t a great leap for Turko’s son Travis to develop a solar-powered site generator. Built into a small trailer, the company’s Mobile Solar Generator can produce enough electricity to power six to ten workers’ tools, according to Semmes.

Because the generator has worked so well for it, Semmes & Co. is launching a business to manufacture and sell four models of the Mobile Solar Generator, which can be personalized with a company’s logo. Mobile Solar Power LLC. 805.466.6737.

March 1, 2006
By Stephani L. Miller

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