Since 2005, Mobile Solar has been dedicated to promoting the use of renewable energy sources. We have years of experience in the solar industry, and a passion for green energy development. Our mission is simple: provide an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel generators. By harnessing the sun’s power our products provide clean, safe, and reliable energy.

As fuel prices climb, the efficiency and affordability of off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems continue increase, making solar-electric power a competitive and smart alternative. Whereas a well-built fossil fuel generator may last several years, a Mobile Solar generator can produce reliable power for 30 years! This makes solar generators not only an environmentally friendly way of producing power, but also a valuable and wise long-term investment.

Here at Mobile Solar, we strive to provide our customers with only the best. We do this by not cutting corners; we use the highest quality solar panels, batteries, and accessory equipment on all of our models.  Backed by a Mobile Solar 5-year warranty (in addition to component warranties) our generators provide reliable power for decades.

Interested? Give us a call on our office line, send us an email, or if you are in the area stop by our production facility and say hi.  We are always happy to meet with and give advice to folks looking for an off-grid solution.  If you are interested in powering a home, job-site tools, communication equipment, or just want a solar generator for back-up emergency use, we will work to find a design that meets you power needs.  Whether you want to help save the environment, become independent of your utility company, or make a financially sound long-term investment, it all comes down to one principle- solar is smart.

Our units can be found all over the world!

Mobile Global

Mobile Solar was founded in January of 2006 and is based in California. We have offices and a production facility in Atascadero, CA. We design, engineer, manufacture and sell solar generators both to end users and through a network of dealers. Solar generators are portable devices that capture, store and distribute electricity generated by the sun.

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