Mobile Solar designs and builds products with only the highest quality and best-performing solar power generation components.  As the first to market with a commercially ready mobile solar generator, Mobile Solar has tested and refined its products to provide the highest reliability and performance in the market today.

Mobile Solar has long relationships with its suppliers and works closely with them to optimize the products incorporated in Mobile Solar products.  In addition to standing behind component suppliers’ warranties, Mobile Solar provides an additional 5-year workmanship warranty, making a system from Mobile Solar a valuable investment that will pay back for years to come.

Outback Power Systems

OutbackLogoThe VFX Mobile Inverter designed and built by Outback Power Technoligies is the best on the market.  We use them almost exclusively. They are a mobile-rated, pure sine wave inverter and charger in one.  With a 3,500 watt continuous output rating – and a 6,000 watt surge – they are user-friendly, robust and 92-94% efficient.  This is a great mobile inverter for those who need solid, reliable power on the go.  Do not forget you can use it to charge the batteries with shore power or a gas generator!

The FM60 and FM80 charge controllers from Outback are an industry standard for many off-grid solar installers around the globe.  An FM60/80-amp MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller, uses top-shelf technology to make the most out of your solar panels’ output.  With a built-in digital display and fool-proof connection terminals, choosing these controllers over a PWM (Pulse Wave Modulation) unit is a no-brainer.

The Outback MATE communications device allows you to change default settings within the inverter/charger and view a wealth of information gathered from both the inverter, the FlexNET smart shunt and the FM charge controller. It also allows you to remotely manage and monitor all Outback devices networked into the Outback HUB.

The Outback HUB-4 and HUB-10 are used to “stack” multiple inverters for a multitude of voltage and phase output configurations.  Use the HUB for stacking, load sharing and power save on/off.  Through the use of the HUB, your system can be completely managed and coordinated via the MATE. 

Midnite Solar

                                                             MidNite Solar is an innovative manufacturing company that began by making hMidniteSolarLogoigh-quality and cost-effective AC and DC disconnect boxes for the renewable energy industry. Now, MidNite produces a wide range of alternative energy products – including solar-specific AC and DC circuit breakers.  They are also North America’s largest manufacturer of PV combiners. Their new line of disconnecting combiner boxes are an industry first, meeting all of the new NEC requirements for this class of equipment.  In other words, MidNite is the master of “sheet metal” in the solar industry.  We use their circuit breakers and combiners exclusively.

Industrial Batteries

logo2These batteries are constructed of the finest available materials, and designed to give more energy and maximum battery life. All batteries are custom built to your exact specifications: any size, weight or capacity, to suit your solar generator’s specific requirements.

IBE has years of experience in the development and construction of batteries and battery chargers. New materials and construction processes are being tested and evaluated in their laboratory constantly to make sure that they are providing the best possible products and taking advantage of new advancements. 

LG PV Panels



Although most people know LG for their high quality electronics – they have recently become a major player in the solar industry as well. Offering unsurpassed quality and efficiency, The LG 335-watt mono-crystal module has become our go-to panel.  For more information see its datasheet here.

Look Trailers

LookTrailerslogoLook Trailers is focused on being the best rather than being the biggest Trailer Company in the industry. They stay focused on customers; react quickly to industry changes, produce custom-made, value-driven, and affordably-priced trailers.

LOOK Trailers was founded in February of 2010 with one simple goal—to build the best trailer company in North America by building real partnerships with dealers and creating products that have value, feature and service.

LOOK assembled a dedicated and experienced management team of industry vets and set out to build trailers focused on the needs and wants of the consumer. Since the first Look trailer rolled off the line at the Bristol manufacturing facility, Look has grown to four regional plants in Indiana, Georgia, Arizona and Utah.

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