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“I am living totally “Off-Grid” with no connection available to grid power. My Mobile Solar generator is based on an upgraded MS-275 which I purchased in 2012 initially to power my well.  I subsequently added 10 additional panels on a second charge controller and now it provides all the power needed 24/7 to support my new 1,600 sq-ft home.  I monitor all power statistics remotely from within my house using a MATE3 display.  The system is running flawlessly.”

Roy Brown

Monterey County, California

The MS-225 solar generator is a powerful and versatile mobile unit. From the build quality of the trailer, to the top shelf components inside, you would be hard pressed to find a better turnkey system capable of 120/240V power.

Mark Motto

farmer, home-owner and electric car driver in Ellenboro, NC

We found Mobile Solar online and they offered the right size solar generator that we needed at the right price. We enhanced the solar generator to be a self-contained cellular repeater. We have been delighted with the performance.

David Heimer

Field Operations Manager, Verizon Wireless

When it comes to solar, it’s really easy to talk the talk, but it’s a whole other thing to walk the walk. Our MS-200 is really well made. I couldn’t be happier. Mobile Solar makes a great piece of equipment and I look forward to buying another one in the future.

Doug McDowell

McDowell-Satzinger Fine Homes, Santa Fe NM

The solar trailer worked flawlessly the whole day, no need for a gas generator on that stage. I checked with the sound engineers and can report that the power was spot on even for the Hammond B3 organ that was on that stage. B3s depend on a stable 60 cycles to stay in tune.

Bill Gaines

Owner,vBill Gaines Audio in San Luis Obispo, CA

The solar generator was easy to set-up, reliable, and convenient.

Brian Edwards

Systems Engineer with Leidos Corp at U.S. Army’s Fort Irwin, CA

The solar generator rental trailer worked perfectly and provided the needed power for 45 consecutive days. I would recommend using it.

Joseph Eyre

Sr. Site Manager & FSO with Leidos Corp at the U.S. Army’s Fort Irwin, CA

We needed a solution that did not cause any disturbances to the existing environment – something that was green in terms of its electrical production, but also something that had a minimal impact in terms of its installation.

Brian Zelenke

Oceanographer, CSU Cal Poly, Center for Coastal Marine Sciences

We pride ourselves on being a green builder and our clients prefer to have their home built with a solar generator instead of a stinky and polluting gas generator. We can start work before there is power to the site and the quiet operation is a wonderful thing.

Tom Moore

Owner/Production Manager, Semmes and Company Builders

We have enjoyed using Mobile Solar to power our outdoor concerts for many years. Since we only use it a few times per month in the summer, a mobile system is the best approach. In addition to taking advantage of the sun, the clean power output by the solar generator makes for better sound according to our production engineers.

Niels Udsen

Owner, Castoro Cellars Winery

We decided to use a solar generator for our project because we were trying to be more environmentally conscious and not leave a carbon footprint. We also needed an energy source that was going to more reliable than a generator or batteries. We got that with Mobile Solar and would definitely go with them again. We ran it for about a month-and-a-half without anybody being there. We’ve had no problems with powering what we have: two laptop computers, two external hard drives, and the DIDSION camera (including the rotator). It has done fine.

Gaytha Morningstar

Fisheries Technician I, Crew Lead, Steelhead Monitoring Program, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

The solar generator has been working well at the D-Signal.  It has saved time and money for my budget not having to fill a generator with gas and have a maintainer check it all the time. Thank you.

Scott Walden

Supervisor Signals Fargo, BNSF Railway