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Solar Generators & Power Systems

Since 2005, Mobile Solar has been designing, manufacturing and selling a variety of solar generators, light towers, transportable systems built in steel containers, and pre-wired equipment packages. Our units are silent, reliable, resilient and proudly made in the USA. We manufacture these units to order. Our team has years of experience working with battery-based photovoltaics and a passion for alternative energy sources.

Total Power and Energy to date (as of 3/15)

Installed Solar
3.8 MWh
Installed Battery Storage
Installed Power Output
MS Series: Solar Trailers
SA Series: Mobile PV Super Arrays
RB Series: Residential Energy Storage
LT Series: Solar Light Towers
PK Series: Power Packs
HS Series: Hybrid Solar/Diesel Generators

Our Products

Our design philosophy is simple: “safe, rugged, reliable.” And we think it shows.  Our solar trailers are easy to tow and set up, while providing a durable, attractive solution to the off-grid power need.

From our smallest model to the industrial strength of our MS-375, all of our generators supply pure sine-wave current more consistent than that from your utility.  On top of this, they don’t run out of gas, require oil changes or make any noise!

And since our solar trailers are not attached to the ground, they require no permits or inspections —nor should they increase your property taxes. We manufacture these units to order.  If there is something you do not see, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.  

Whether you’re shearing sheep, running remote radar systems or powering a rural cabin, you do not have to settle for a noisy, stinky generator that relies on increasingly expensive energy sources.  We have years of experience working with battery-based photovoltaics and a passion for alternative energy sources.  Contact us now and let us find a mobile solar generator that will suit your needs and budget.


Why Go Solar?

Solar Power is good for the environment…
and good for your wallet.

Eligible for Tax Incentives?

Our products qualify for the 30% Federal Income Tax Credit.

How Can Our Trailers Be Used?

Our units are being used in a wide variety of applications all around the world. 

A Few of our Past Clients

What our Customers are saying

We found Mobile Solar online and they offered the right size solar generator that we needed at the right price. We enhanced the solar generator to be a self-contained cellular repeater. We have been delighted with the performance.

David Heimer


The solar generator rental trailer worked perfectly and provided the needed power for 45 consecutive days. I would recommend using it.

Joseph Eyre


“The solar trailer worked flawlessly the whole day, no need for a gas generator on that stage.  I checked with the sound engineers and can report that the power was spot on even for the Hammond B3 organ that was on that stage.  B3s depend on a stable 60 cycles to stay in tune.”    

Bill Gaines

owner of Bill Gaines Audio in San Luis Obispo, CA.


The MS-225 solar generator is a powerful and versatile mobile unit.  From the build quality of the trailer, to the top shelf components inside, you would be hard pressed to find a better turnkey system capable of 120/240V power. 

Mark Motto

farmer, home-owner and electric car driver in Ellenboro, NC.

Featured Testimonial


“I am living totally “Off-Grid” with no connection available to grid power. My Mobile Solar generator is based on an upgraded MS-275 which I purchased in 2012 initially to power my well.  I subsequently added 10 additional panels on a second charge controller and now it provides all the power needed 24/7 to support my new 1,600 sq-ft home.  I monitor all power statistics remotely from within my house using a MATE3 display.  The system is running flawlessly.”

Roy Brown

Monterey County, California

Company Profile

Mobile Solar was founded in January of 2006 and is based in California. We have offices and a production facility in Atascadero, CA. We design, engineer, manufacture and sell solar generators both to end users and through a network of dealers. Solar generators are portable devices that capture, store and distribute electricity generated by the sun.

made in the USA     Duns and Bradstreet #: 62-6824564
     NAICS# 335312
     CAGE Code: 51WA0
     GSA MAS Contract # GS-07F-0559Y

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