Mobile Solar Disaster Recovery

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Mobile Solar Disaster Recovery

We are currently facing one of the strongest, if not the strongest, El Ninos in recorded history. Here in California we are seeing things that we have never seen before. Hammerhead sharks, sea snakes and other strange ocean-dwellers have been attracted to the abnormally warm waters off our coast. This warm water and other indicators point to a winter filled with record setting weather. It’s not just California that is feeling the effects of El Nino. Mexico was recently hit by the most intense cyclone the Western Hemisphere has ever seen. The earth is warming and extreme weather events are only going to become more prevalent.

The effects of large storms and other natural disasters can be devastating. Thousands can be left without shelter, food and power. Bringing light to the dark; shelter to the homeless and medicine to the sick is no small task, especially when you consider that conventional power sources may be off-line. In most disaster situations generator and fuel procurement can be very difficult if not impossible. Typical transportation channels may be compromised and there is only so much fuel and generation equipment to go around to begin with. A Mobile Solar Generator is the perfect solution. With no fuel inputs required, our generators will keep the power on even in the most remote or cut-off disaster zones.

When Japan was hit with a massive tidal wave in 2011, Mobile Solar generators were dispatched to help. 7 MS-150s loaded with tools were placed around northern Japan to aid the disaster recovery. Despite arriving weeks after the wave hit (manufacturing and shipping time), our generators were still heavily relied on. Their ability to operate around the clock with no fuel input freed up more time to focus on the mission at hand.

Reliability is paramount in a hectic situation. Solar powered disaster recovery provides the security and resiliency that is necessary in an environment where lives are on the line. Whether it’s our compact solar generators or our powerful solar light towers, we have the rugged, utility-independent products that can make a difference. Is your department ready for the next big one?

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