Mobile Solar Construction Solutions

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Mobile Solar Construction Solutions

Working on a construction site can be an irritating experience. They are noisy, full of exhaust and potentially dangerous. A significant source of this irritation comes from their generators. They are constantly running, emitting both noise and fumes. Extra noise from these generators can cause workers to raise their voice which only make the problem worse. Communication on a jobsite is crucial so that everyone can work together and stay safe.

Ten years ago, Mobile Solar was born out of an attempt to mitigate these problems. Travis Semmes, the company’s founder, was working for a high-end home builder in Central California. Many of the houses that he worked on were located in very beautiful and remote places. One house was located deep in a valley that seemed to amplify the noise coming from the generator. As the company’s solar expert, Travis went to work on a solution that could quietly generate power and create a better working environment. The first unit, an MS-150, was a huge hit. It was silent and required no fuel inputs and only minimal maintenance, allowing workers to focus more on their tasks.

Travis knew he was on to something after building one of the world’s fist solar generators. Word spread quickly and soon he was flooded with orders. Travis quit building houses and began building solar generators full-time under the a new entity, Mobile Solar. Mobile Solar generators can now be found powering a wide variety of projects all over the world.

Despite Mobile Solar’s growing popularity with various users around the world, we believe our units are under-utilized in the construction industry. Solar generators are not only quiet and environmentally friendly, but cost competitive with fossil fuel powered generators. Our MS-Series can be sized to power anything from a custom residential construction site, to a large commercial project. Office trailers are also perfect candidate for a solar generator. Contact us if you could benefit from a solar generator on a construction site.

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