Enterprise & Custom Configuration – LIDAR

Lidar generator

Enterprise & Custom Configuration – LIDAR

Recently we had the opportunity to build a few more power supplies for our friends in the wind observation industry. These modified MS-model units are equipped with state-of-the-art LIDARs (manufactured by France-based Leosphere) and can actually see wind:

  • Ability to Stream Data in Real Time.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free.
  • Reliable Remote Power Source.

The trailers get placed in remote locations being considered by wind farm developers.  The systems sit – sometimes for more than a year – and measure wind speed at different altitudes.  The data is streamed to the developer in real time and eventually used to locate the large turbines within the wind farm.  Since these units have maintenance-free batteries service visits are not required – other than the occasional solar panel washdown.  Most trailers are not visited by a technician more than once a year.

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