MS-Series: Solar Trailers

Our original line of trailer-based solar generators. Built with high efficiency solar modules and industrial battery banks. Silent, efficient & durable.
MS Solar Trailer Icon

SA-Series: Mobile PV Super Arrays

This Solar Auxiliary Trailer is designed to boost the solar output of our MS and RB Series units. A large solar array to maximize stored power.


RB: Residential Energy Storage

The most energy-dense solar generator yet — complete with battery, inverter, charge controller and BOS (balance of system).


PK-Series: Power Packs

Portable power packs constructed of steel containers and use maintenance-free batteries. The PK-Series is perfect for small remote loads.

Plug and Play

Our units are up and running after only 10-15 minutes of setup. Set the panels to the correct angle, flip the switch and its ready to go!

Low Maintenance

Our units require almost zero maintence. They have very few moving parts and can run for years without any human oversight!

Cost Effective

Virtually zero maintencence or fuel inputs mean our units are extremely cost efficient when compared to their diesel counterparts.