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How long does it take to recharge?

To determine recharge time from the solar panels, just divide the utilized battery capacity (in kWh) by the daily solar harvest (in kWh/day).  For instance, the MS-225 has a battery capacity of 25kWh and solar array has a daily harvest of 9kWh/day.  Let’s assume you drain the battery down 80% (meaning 20% is left in the battery).  The math: 25kWh x 0.80 = 20kWh.  And 20kWh / 9kWh/day = 2.2 days of solar charge to bring the battery back up to a 100% State of Charge (SOC).

MS-375 inside

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Mobile Solar designs new Extreme Latitude MS racking system

For years our MS-Series solar generators have led the industry in design and engineering.  One feature that has set these units apart is the ability for the user to adjust the solar racking system to maximize solar gain throughout the year.  Well that feature just got better.  With the release of our Extreme Latitude system, users can now adjust their winter setting all up to 50-degrees.
This allows folks in extreme northern (and southern) latitudes to maximize their solar harvest during winter months – when sun’s path across the sky is lower.  The steep angle also allows enhances the unit’s ability to shed snow.  So whether you’re in Alberta (or New Zealand) rest assured that your MS-Series unit will be efficient and safe – even when the days are short and the weather is stormy.

Mobile Solar designs new Extreme Latitude MS racking system

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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

It’s not every day the nation’s largest municipally owned utility calls us up looking for a power solution.  Well, that’s exactly what happened in the spring of 2013 when the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) ordered one of the most impressive solar generators our facility has ever had the honor of manufacturing.
LA Dept of Water and Power

Replete with a 38kWh Li-ion battery pack and a 52-inch LED flat screen TV, this MS-375 will undoubtedly turn heads.  The LADWP intends to use the unit for educational outreach and local events in the LA area – raising awareness about their desire to invest more heavily in renewable sources of energy.Solar Generator for the LA Dept of Water and Power


LA Dept of Water and Power


LA Dept of Water and Power (rear)

LA Dept of Water and Power (interior)

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Mobile Solar mentioned in the November issue of Mother Earth News

Solar Generators: Clean, Portable Power

11/20/2012 12:01:50 PM

By Miriam Landman

Generators are typically used to provide electricity during power outages (e.g., during storms, emergencies, and related disaster-relief operations) or in off-grid situations or areas where there is no access to a built-in power source (e.g., on construction sites, on camping trips, or at outdoor events—for concert stages, food booths, etc.). So, in a nutshell, they’re mostly used for temporary, portable/mobile, back-up, or remote power needs. Generators are especially critical for some farms, to keep well pumps running (during power outages) to be able to continue to get water to livestock or crops.

Conventional generators have a number of downsides. They require gasoline (or diesel fuel), which can be expensive — especially during emergencies, when there can also be gas shortages. The emissions from gas-powered generators also contribute to air pollution and climate change, and they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning when placed inside a home or building, or too close to doors, windows, or vents on the outside of a building. Furthermore, gas generators are very loud.

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Solar Trailer

Look for a Mobile Solar MS-150 solar generator at the Cal Poly Earth Day celebration!

MS-150, Cal Poly, Solar Generator, mobile solar generator

One of Mobile Solar’s  MS-150 solar generators will be powering this weekends a Earth Day celebration at Cal Poly Canyon! We are glad to apart of this great event.

For more info: http://polyland.calpoly.edu/topics/stewardship/stewardshipx330/Earth%20Week.html

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Mobile Solar will be powering the Morro Bay Oyster Festival

 Come on out to the 1st Annual Central Coast Oyster Festival in Morro Bay this Saturday noon to 8 pm. We’re powering the event with two MS-150 solar generators. Guaranteed good times and great food and music! Visit: http://centralcoastoysterfestival.org/ for more info.Mobile Solar at the Oyster FestivalOyster Festival

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