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How long does it take to recharge?

To determine recharge time from the solar panels, just divide the utilized battery capacity (in kWh) by the daily solar harvest (in kWh/day).  For instance, the MS-225 has a battery capacity of 25kWh and solar array has a daily harvest of 9kWh/day.  Let’s assume you drain the battery down 80% (meaning 20% is left in the battery).  The math: 25kWh x 0.80 = 20kWh.  And 20kWh / 9kWh/day = 2.2 days of solar charge to bring the battery back up to a 100% State of Charge (SOC).

MS-375 inside

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On Mobile Solar’s 10th Anniversary Elon Musk brings Energy Storage to the Mainstream!

Exactly 10 years ago, Mobile Solar created its first trailer-based solar generator. Coupling solar panels and batteries was a very novel concept at the time and as the years went on we became increasingly enthusiastic about the possibility of a future in which the sun could provide us with energy at all hours of the day. The success of our units have proven the utility of such a system but we realize that we can only do so much with our transportable units that cater to a small and largely to off-grid clientele.
For years we have waited for GE, Edison or some major utility to offer a large scale renewable energy storage solution. Yesterday such a solution was brought to the mainstream by Elon Musk’s Tesla, one of the most forward thinking companies on the planet.  Tesla’s new battery systems, the Powerwall and the Powerpack will be tremendously crucial to our renewable energy powered future. Excess solar power produced during the day can now be stored for later use in an economical way like never before.
We look forward to a solar powered future and the possibility of using Tesla’s new batteries in our future units.

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Mobile Solar designs new Extreme Latitude MS racking system

For years our MS-Series solar generators have led the industry in design and engineering.  One feature that has set these units apart is the ability for the user to adjust the solar racking system to maximize solar gain throughout the year.  Well that feature just got better.  With the release of our Extreme Latitude system, users can now adjust their winter setting all up to 50-degrees.
This allows folks in extreme northern (and southern) latitudes to maximize their solar harvest during winter months – when sun’s path across the sky is lower.  The steep angle also allows enhances the unit’s ability to shed snow.  So whether you’re in Alberta (or New Zealand) rest assured that your MS-Series unit will be efficient and safe – even when the days are short and the weather is stormy.

Mobile Solar designs new Extreme Latitude MS racking system

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A Huge Win for Battery-Based Solar Systems that Connect to the Grid

Mobile Solar would like to applaud the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for its decision to green light battery-based grid-connected photovoltaic systems.  Utilities such as PG&E had been pushing for huge fees and a burdensome regulatory process in order to dissuade homeowners from storing energy in batteries in conjunction with their roof-top solar electric systems.  Well the CPUC has stood up and told those self-serving utilities to “sit down!”  Hats off to you, CPUC!!!


California to Utilities: Connect Battery-Solar Systems to the Grid
UPDATE: SolarCity resumes applications as California regulators clear way for net-metered solar-battery systems


Jeff St. John 
April 16, 2014
California regulators have just issued a rebuke to utilities, and a thumbs-up to customers and companies that want to connect hundreds of now-stalled battery-backed solar PV projects across the state.
On Tuesday, the California Public Utilities Commission issued a proposed decision that would exempt most storage-solar projects from extra utility fees and interconnection studies (PDF). Instead, it would require utilities to treat them as regular old net-metered solar systems, as long as they meet certain requirements.


Grid-tie with Battery Back-up

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Outback Power put out a Case study featuring Mobile Solar

“Paso Robles, California is a populated urban area with an abundance of solar exposure and limited building space. Due to an unreliable utility grid producing frequent service outages, the community sought an alternative energy solution to offset utility grid dependency and take advantage of California’s lucrative net-metering opportunities. A grid-tied system would exceed spacing restraints and disconnect from the grid during utility outages— an all-too-frequent occurrence. With these limitations in mind, it was clear that this project required a more advanced system with a small footprint.Working within project constraints, Mobile Solar designed a PV system with 418Ah/48V battery backup storage housed in a custom-built structure behind the condominium. The state-of-the-art system includes an OutBack FLEXpower TWO pre-wired system to maintain the backup batteries at a full state of charge and supply power to the OutBack inverters, allowing the resident to sell excess electricity back to the grid for additional financial incentives. Using this net-metering program, the condominium owner now has the potential to completely eliminate costly utility bills.”

Click on the case study to read in its entirety:

Outback Case study featuring Mobile Solar

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Grid-tie savings and off-grid independence – an uninterrupted power supply with $0 energy bill!

Mobile Solar recently worked with a local contractor to build a grid-interactive solar electric system with battery backup for a condo-owner in Paso Robles.  This compact system was built into a small specially built shed behind the owner’s home.  The owner now enjoys the best of both worlds: grid-tie savings and off-grid independence – an uninterrupted power supply with $0 energy bill!

grid-interactive solar









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Mobile Solar and OutBack Power Team Up to Provide Quick Solar Power Solutions for Japan’s Tsunami Disaster Area

Arlington, WA – May 9, 2011- OutBack Power Technologies, Inc. and their integration partner, Mobile Solar, have responded to a request to support power requirements needed since the recent tsunami in the hard hit Sendai area of Japan.  Using OutBack’s GFX3024J model inverters with 120VAC 50Hz output, Mobile Solar built and shipped a total of six MS-150 model solar generators in the first phase of a large deployment.  Upon arrival, the units were immediately outfitted with water purification systems and construction tools to allow workers to rebuild residential neighborhoods.

 Travis Semmes, President of Mobile Solar, said “we have chosen OutBack Power as our technology partner on the inverter/charger and charge controller side.  OutBack has proven a perfect match for our product line and our customers’ needs – supplying a consistently reliable and durable product that gets the job done.  With this in mind, we knew we could provide an effective, high quality mobile solar generator solution for the victims of the recent tsunami.”

“We are glad to have been given the opportunity to work with Mobile Solar to help provide these units for this important application” said Glenn Baker, OutBack’s Vice President of Sales.  “Our technology has been deployed worldwide to provide an efficient way to get power to remote locations and this quick response is due in no small part to our close partnership with Mobile Solar”, added Baker.

Mobile Solar, based in Atascadero, CA, was founded in 2006 with the mission of designing and building portable, solar electric solutions, or “solar generators”.  They are off-grid configurations that take the place of traditional generators, outputting clean, quiet and reliable power to a wide variety of applications.  Mobile Solar is the leading industry OEM in the portable, off-grid PV market.  Mobile Solar was the first to bring a full solar generator product lineup to market.  For this and/or additional information in electronic form, go to www.mobilesolarpower.net.

OutBack Power Technologies, Inc. manufactures innovative power conversion solutions that integrate solar, wind and hydro resources to provide reliable electric power for the renewable energy, mobile and backup power markets. OutBack Power’s engineers have decades of power conversion electronics design and equipment installation experience and share a passion for leading the industry into a new era of performance, ease of use, durability, and standardization.  OutBack Power is a member of The Alpha Group.  For this and/or additional information in electronic form, go to www.outbackpower.com.

The Alpha Group represents a global alliance of independent companies that share a common philosophy – create world-class powering solutions for communication, commercial, industrial and renewable energy markets.  For this and/or additional information in electronic form, go to www.alpha.com.

For more information contact:

Travis Semmes                                                                         John M. Grubb
President, Mobile Solar                                                         V. P., Marketing, Alpha Technologies
(805) 466-1006                                                                        (360) 392-2331
travis@mobilesolarpower.net                                               jgrubb@alpha.com

Take a look at Outback Power’s Website at http://www.outbackpower.com/news/article/65/

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