SA-24 Mobile PV Super Array


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•    Solar Array: 24 x 335-watt LG monocrystalline modules
•    Average Daily Energy Harvest: 48 kWh
•    8,040-watt array (nominal DC)
•    USA made / BAA Compliany
•    Pre-wired PV Combiner box (ready for connection to MS, HS or RB model)
•    30 foot-long chassis with six 4-inch steel outriggers
•    100 MPH / Exposure C,with ground pinning
•    Overall dimensions (LxWxH):  36′-0″ x 8′-6″ x 12′-10″
•    25-year warranty



    •    8′ x 30′ flat chassis trailer / DOT compliant
    •    Rated GVWR: 7,700 pounds
    •    Six outriggers with swing-away jacks
    •    Six under-carriage welded D-rings for alternative anchoring
    •    Adjustable/removable ball coupler
    •    Folding lower row of models for 102” width when towing
    •    5-year Limited Product Warranty

    •    Additional Axle Capacity
    •    High Clearance Package
    •    Off-road Package
    •    Custom Chassis Work
    •    MS Connection Accessories
    •   Ballast Tanks





The SA-24 is the largest commercially available rolling solar array on the market.  And at a very competitive price!  Order one with the purchase of your MS, HS, or RB model and greatly increase your daily energy harvest.  Or use one to hook into an existing renewable energy system.  Qualifies for the 30% Federal Income Tax Credit.

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