Residential Applications

Off-Grid Homes

One of the most common applications for our products is supplying power to off-grid homes.

Usually this means powering homes in remote areas where the utility grid is not available.  But more and more, we are working with clients who currently have utility power, but for varying reasons choose not to rely on it.  In either case, it is common for home owners to purchase one of our small or mid-size units and add solar panels to the system by installing them on the roof or building a small ground rack nearby.

Battery Backup

When you think of our products as power generators that don’t require trips to the gas station, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing solar over gas, diesel or propane generators for emergency back-up.

In the event of a major catastrophe, terrorist attack, or grid failure, your gas generator is only going to keep the lights on for so long.  Use a solar generator and you’ll have power day and night.  And don’t think you have to have the solar generator sit idle during times of normal grid operation – install a transfer switch and run part of your home, effectively reducing your electric bill.

EV Charging

Whether you drive an electric car for environmental or financial reasons, you have to plug it in daily.  Where does your ulitily source it’s energy?  Chances are it’s mostly carbon-spewing sources like coal or non-renewable dangerous technoligies like nuclear.  What’s enviornmental about that?  Not much.  What about cost?  With increasing energy prices and utilities’s additional customer fees, peak pricing and demand charges, how confident are you that you’re gettting a good deal?  Our MS-units are the perfect match for most EV drivers.  Why not take a tax credit while you use free energy from the sun to power your ride?



Our solar generators provide enough energy to give you all of the comforts of home while visiting remote campsites without electrical hook-ups. These units are consistently being towed on long-distance road trips all over there world. The constant shaking and rattling from these outings have proven to be no match for the rock-solid trailers and they continues to work flawlessly no matter what terrain or weather are thrown at them

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