Solar Light Tower

Specs 1
Features 2

24,600 Lumen Output

4 x 50 watt LED Flood Lights

 2 x 335-watt LG monocrystalline panels

Battery: AGM 460AH @ 24VDC

Inverter: 3.5kW rated 6kW surge 

120VAC Output

21 Foot Crank Up Tower

Powder Coated Steel, single 3,500-lb axle

4 Slide-out, Crank-down Outriggers

Price: $26,944 – $33,680

Net Cost after Tax Credit: $21,219


The LT-2435 offers all the benefits of the LT-24, but comes equipped with 3,500-watt pure sinewave inverter/charger for on-site 120Vac power.  Same powerful lights, same high-efficiency solar panels, same rugged trailer platform.  The difference is AC power.

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