Commercial Applications


 Our products are a perfect fit for small loads

In areas where that power demand is remote, our products make even more sense – saving the customer thousands of dollars per year on fuel, maintenance and labor.  This has been the case with several telecom, and remote-data-communications customers we’ve worked with.  Whether it’s a cell repeater or a weather station, a solar generator is the ideal power supply.

Disaster Recovery

Bringing light to the dark; shelter to the homeless; medicine to the sick – no small task, especially when you consider that conventional power sources may be off line.  Whether it’s our compact solar generators or our powerful solar light towers, we have the rugged, utility-independent products that can make a difference.  Is your department ready for the next big one?


 Perhaps no other application is as good a fit for our products as construction.

From residential to small commercial, the loads are similar.  Power tools such as saws, compressors and rechargeable hand tools use very few kilo-watt-hours over the course of a day – even if their running wattage is significant – this is because of their partial duty cycle – i.e. on-and-off run time.

Oil and Gas

We might not be able to run a 480-volt pump jack, but there’s a lot our solar generators can do around a drill site.  From supporting remote automations, to “keeping the coms up,” we can get pressure and flow-rate data to those who need it.  Simple, safe, reliable power — for remote communication.


Supporting surveillance loads in remote locations is a job best suited for battery-based solar.  Because fossil-fuel generators must spin at constant rpm, they tend to exhibit a very inefficient fuel-to-kWh ratio when supporting light loads.  Couple that with the labor cost of fueling and maintaining a fossil-fuel generator and you have a very expensive line item.


Our products are a perfect fit for events where power forstage sound and vendors is required.

We’ve found that many owners of solar generators will end up using the unit at events – and who can blame them?  Not only can you get great marketing exposure for your small company, but many times the promoters of the event are happy to pay rental fee in exchange for power supplied to vendors.


 The very nature of agriculture makes it rural, but that doesn’t mean the power needs are inconsequential.

The most common use of power in agricultural applications is water pumping. Because water pumping is more heavily required during the dry months a solar generator is often a perfect fit.  Consider also that using a renewable energy power source will not divert human or mechanical resources away from other important tasks – as is often the case with fueling and maintaining a gas or diesel generator.


In the summer of 2007, Mobile Solar Power was awarded a bid from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo to build three solar generators. The university’s plan was to use these generators to power high frequency radar installations along the Central Coast near the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.


Military operations can require power in extremely remote area or unique situations. Solar generators can provide this in almost any environment.

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