Nov 19,2015 / News
The unsure future of net metering in California

  Like it or not, Net Energy Metering 2.0 is coming soon to California and it is bound to shake things up. To understand the potential impacts of NEM 2.0 it important to understand what net metering is and how it currently influences the roof-top …

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Nov 9,2015 / News
Economically viable residential energy storage has arrived!

What if you could use the sun’s energy to power your home even after the sun goes down? How would it feel to be the only house on the block with power when the grid goes down? What if this was not only possible but …

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May 13,2015 / News
On Mobile Solar’s 10th Anniversary Elon Musk brings Energy Storage to the Mainstream!

Exactly 10 years ago, Mobile Solar created its first trailer-based solar generator. Coupling solar panels and batteries was a very novel concept at the time and as the years went on we became increasingly enthusiastic about the possibility of a future in which the sun …

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Solar Trailer
Feb 20,2015 / Projects
Say Hello to the All New MS-325!

In early February 2015 Mobile Solar completed construction of a fully loaded MS-325 solar generator.  Boasting twelve 100%-American-made Suniva panels rated at 270-watts each, this 5×16-foot trailer platform has never sported such a power solar array – nearly 3.25kW of DC input. This impressive all-renewable …

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Feb 10,2015 / News
Mobile Solar Attends CESA’s Annual Market Development Forum

Earlier this year, Mobile Solar participated in the California Energy Storage Alliance’s Annual Market Development Forum.  As a member of CESA, Mobile Solar is seeking to educate themselves on the future of energy storage in California and the rest of the world.  CESA is the …

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Oct 14,2014 / News
Giga Solar releases new ultra-light weight solar modules

Giga Solar, a 2011-startup based in Portola Valley, Calif., has a pretty simple value proposition: they design and build highly efficient ultra-light-weight mono-crystal solar modules.  Mobile Solar is currently evaluating these modules for use in our MS, LT and PK model lines.  We spoke with …

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