mobile solar triage
Mar 28,2020 / Mobile Solar, News
Mobile Solar Generators Supplying Power to Local Hospital Triage Tents

Recently we were part of an effort to deploy solar generators to triage tents and induction centers at West Coast hospitals.  We are displacing diesel generators and improving the air quality at these critical medical intake points. Please contact our office today if your medical …

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Oct 9,2019 / News
Contemplating going off grid? No time like the forced blackouts of present!

Safety shutoff starts: About 185,000 PG&E customers in Bay Area without power OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) – As the first phase of power outages due to PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff starts, the number of customers affected in the San Francisco Bay Area has rapidly increased early …

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alternative to grid tie solar
Jun 11,2019 / News
Proactive power outages are on the rise and if your solar power is grid tied this will affect you too.

Associated Press 12:31 pm June 8, 2019 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Pacific Gas & Electric has cut power to about 1,600 customers in Northern California to reduce risk of wildfires amid windy, dry and warming weather conditions that have raised red flag warnings. The utility …

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Apr 23,2018 / News
Mobile Solar Profile: Solar Powered Star Gazing with the Nejedlos

Shortly after receiving a master’s degree in Chemistry from UC Berkeley in 1943, John Dobson found himself attending a lecture given by a Vedantan (Hindu) Swami. Fascinated by the Vedantan worldview, Dobson decided to join the local monastery as a monk of the Ramakrishna Order. …

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Apr 10,2018 / News
A Fresh Take on Trump’s Solar Tariff

“The end of the solar industry as we know it!” “20,000 jobs down the drain!” It’s safe to say the majority of the solar industry was on edge leading up to signing of the Trump Administration’s solar tariff. A couple months have passed since the …

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MArk Motto MS-225
Mar 31,2018 / News
Mobile Solar Profile: Mark Motto’s Multifunctional MS-225

When retired air traffic controller Mark Motto approached Mobile Solar in 2014 he was looking for a solar generator that could do two things.  First, it needed to produce ample clean energy to consistently charge the batteries of his daily driver – a first generation …

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