Why Go Solar?

Why Go Solar?

Solar Power is good for the environment…
and good for your wallet.


No exhaust.  No carbon emissions.  No oil changes.
Ask a sound engineer who has worked with Mobile Solar and he’ll tell you nothing compares to the crisp, fuzz-free power a solar generator will give you.


Around the job-site, where communication is a matter of safety, the silent power of a solar generator is even more valuable.


Our solar generators do not rely solely on the sun.  All of our systems can be charged by grid power, or with a traditional generator, on those days when the sun does not shine.  And with only a handful of moving parts, few things will ever have to be replaced during the unit’s life.

The beauty of our solar generators lies in their simplicity.


Even though the original cost for a solar generator is higher than some petroleum generators, the return on investment is quickly realized.  These units will last longer, require less maintenance, and will not rely on increasingly expensive fuel.

If you rely on petroleum generators to power your home, hunting lodge or remote research station, you know how quickly the cost of fuel and maintenance adds up.


With panels designed to withstand one-inch hail at 90 mph, industrial-grade forklift batteries and power inverters built to standup to the most brutal conditions, these solar generators will go the distance, performing for decades.

Good for business

The benefits of owning a solar generator extend beyond fuel and maintenance savings.  Just the act of showing your customers that you care about the environment can make the difference. Watch as people drive by and stare.  Make sure to have your company logo on the side!


These units pose no threat to the devices you run off of them.  No need to worry about that expensive laptop or power tool.  In fact, you are better off running them on a solar generator than gambling with the sporadic power provided by your utility company.