Solar Generator Rentals

As the first-to-market in the solar generator industry, Mobile Solar has been supplying off-grid power equipment to customers in a wide range of applications. For 10-years our units have been seamlessly generating power for customers like NASA, Verizon Wireless and the US Department of Energy. All of our generators supply pure sine-wave current, more consistent than that from the local utility company. Our MS Series rely solely on free power from the sun, while our HS-Series comes equipped with a diesel back-up package.

MS - 150 LI

The MS-150Li is our most compact trailer-based solar generator. It is perfect for residential back up, disaster relief and small construction.

  • 3 panels, rated 3300watts each
  • 6kWh/day energy harvest
  • 120vac output
  • 3.5kW rated |6kW surge
  • 4×6-foot trailer platform
  • 15kWh battery capacity

Our HS-275 offers all of the perks of the MS-275 but also sports a Diesel Battery Charger and 100-gallon fuel tank, for non-stop power, rain or shine.

  • 9 panels, rated 270-watts each
  • 18kWh/day energy harvest
  • 120/240VAC output
  • 8kW rated | 16kW surge
  • 5×16-foot trailer platform
  • 30kWh battery capacity

The MS-275 is a lot of power on a 16-foot trailer platform. It is perfect for commercial construction, disaster relief and remote monitoring.

  • 9 panels, rated 270watts each
  • 13.5kWh/day energy harvest
  • 120/240VAC output
  • 8 kW rated |16kW surge
  • 5×16-foot trailer platform
  • 30kWh battery capacity

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