PK-1, portable solar generator, Mobile Solar


1 panel (1.25kWh/day)
120VAC output
1.3kW rated
4.6kW surge
20×32-inch steel container t
2.7kWh Sealed AGM battery



2 panels (2.5kWh/day)
120VAC output
1.4kW rated
4.6kW surge
24×48-inch steel container
5.5kWh Sealed AGM battery

PK-3, portable solar generator, Mobile Solar


2 panels (3.0kWh/day)
120VAC output
3.5kW rated
6kW surge
24×48-inch steel container t
11kWh Sealed AGM battery

PK Series

30% Federal Tax Credit

Our systems qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit!


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