May 2,2016 / News
The Solar Industry Continues to Heat Up!

Hello Everyone! We have been extremely busy lately and apologize for our online absence of late. These past couple years have been busier than ever and the last couple months have seen us max out our production capacity. We have always been huge proponents of …

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Dec 16,2015 / News
Mobile Solar Disaster Recovery

We are currently facing one of the strongest, if not the strongest, El Ninos in recorded history. Here in California we are seeing things that we have never seen before. Hammerhead sharks, sea snakes and other strange ocean-dwellers have been attracted to the abnormally warm …

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Solar Light Tower
Dec 8,2015 / News
Mobile Solar Construction Solutions

Working on a construction site can be an irritating experience. They are noisy, full of exhaust and potentially dangerous. A significant source of this irritation comes from their generators. They are constantly running, emitting both noise and fumes. Extra noise from these generators can cause …

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Dec 1,2015 / News
Going Off-grid with Mobile Solar

We recently went over the changing net metering landscape and how it may affect utility rate payers in California. Other states will be next. One way to avoid these changing rate structures is to simply disconnect from the grid entirely. Mobile Solar has been allowing …

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Nov 19,2015 / News
The unsure future of net metering in California

  Like it or not, Net Energy Metering 2.0 is coming soon to California and it is bound to shake things up. To understand the potential impacts of NEM 2.0 it important to understand what net metering is and how it currently influences the roof-top …

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Nov 9,2015 / News
Economically viable residential energy storage has arrived!

What if you could use the sun’s energy to power your home even after the sun goes down? How would it feel to be the only house on the block with power when the grid goes down? What if this was not only possible but …

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