How Can Our Trailers Be Used?

It was once jokingly said that our products are really designed for a small, narrow market: “Humans in Need of Power.”  When people ask: “So what do people use these thing for?” We are always tempted to say: “electricity,” and now, with our solar light towers, “…or light.”
The fact is that these units adapt to a variety of applications, but here on this page, we would like to discuss some of the more common uses of our products.

Off-Grid Home:


One of the most common uses of our products is off-grid residential power.  With more and more folks purchasing rural and remote property – either as a primary residence or second home, the demand for our MS and PK Series units have been growing.  Our MS units are the perfect match for year-round remote residential energy production – with many homeowners choosing to install the units in a manner that allows them to easily unplug it and tow it away.  This is pretty handy if you have a second home, or a vacation home, where the unit is not needed year-round – or if you ever need to evacuate due to hurricanes, wildfires, etc.
Emergency Backup:
More and more homeowners are choosing to use our units for residential emergency back-up power.  With uncertainties regarding our nation’s power grid and ever-rising energy rates – some homeowners are pulling the plug on their utility company.    Most homeowners in this situation do not actually get rid of utility grid at the home; instead they have an electrician install a transfer switch that allows them choice between “grid” and “solar.”  This allows the unit to be towed off the property for other uses while still having the house powered up.

Disaster Recovery:


It doesn’t take a lot of creative thinking to see why our products are a perfect match for disaster recovery.  A lot of us remember Hurricane Katrina and how difficult it was for police to charge cell phones, for homeowners to purchase gas for their generators, etc.  Our units are mobile.  They are rugged.  And they do not rely on the gas pump in order to operate.


Telecom has been a well served market by our products for two reasons: the loads tend to be remote (in areas without utility power) and they are typically constant (i.e., 100% duty cycle).  Whether it’s a mountain top repeater or a Cell on Wheels (COW) we’ve got power-to-go, ready for your team’s next cell site project, or mobile cell unit.


Concerts, expos and county fairs – just a few of the events our units have powered.  Everyone loves to see a clean, quiet solar generator at an event.  Some of our customers have created businesses that directly focus on serving the rental and event market.  Live music events tend to be some of the more popular, as the power produced from our solar generators is pure sine-wave AC current – which produces remarkably “clean” sound.  And also, large stages usually don’t require much power.  An MS-150 of ours in Louisiana once powered a concert with 10,000 attendees.


The origins of our company trace back to construction.  The very first unit, built back in 2005 was built for a contractor – who is still using it today for job site power in remote areas.  Job sites tend to have large electric loads that run for short periods of time.  The saw comes on, it goes off.  The compressor runs, it goes off.  Our units have no problem keeping up with residential and small commercial sites.  Consider the added benefit of secure tool storage (or office space) inside the trailer and you’ll see the value our units offer to your company.

Ag Farm:

Farmers have real power needs.  We can’t meet them all, but we can run some pretty decent sized wells, greenhouse fans, automatic feeders, watering systems, etc.  Consider too that our units can run a portion of the main house or outbuildings when not in use on the farm and you’ll understand why farmers have picked our products over gas or diesel generators.