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Since 2005, Mobile Solar has been designing, manufacturing and selling a variety of solar generators and light towers. Most of our units are mobile trailer-based solutions, but we now offer smaller transportable systems built in steel containers, and pre-wired equipment packages. Just remember: you have a choice!  Use a fossil-fuel generator and listen to it run (and drain your wallet) …or plug into a silent, green, clean solar generator and enjoy the savings!


 Our Products

We manufacture these units to order.  If there is something you do not see, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.  Our design philosophy is simple: “safe, rugged, reliable.” And we think it shows.  Our units are easy to tow and set up, while providing a durable, attractive solution to the off-grid power need.

From our smallest model to the industrial strength of our MS-375, all of our generators supply pure sine-wave current more consistent than that from your utility.  On top of this, they don’t run out of gas, require oil changes or make any noise!

And since our solar generators are not attached to the ground, they require no permits or inspections —nor should they increase your property taxes.

Whether you’re shearing sheep, running remote radar systems or powering a rural cabin, you do not have to settle for a noisy, stinky generator that relies on increasingly expensive energy sources.  We have years of experience working with battery-based photovoltaics and a passion for alternative energy sources.  Contact us now and let us find a mobile solar generator that will suit your needs and budget.



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30% Federal Tax Credit

Our systems qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit!


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